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rTMS therapeutic instrument

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Transcranial Magnetic Encephalopathy Physiologic Therapeutic Instrument (hereinafter referred to as therapeutic instrument) is a kind of therapeutic equipment for brain diseases developed by using the push-button control mode, based on the brain physiology,biophysics and clinical encephalopathy therapy, integrating repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and electric stimulation theory, and applying the low frequency frequency alternating electromagnetic therapy technology. 

Product Name

Depression Treatment Equipment Adjustable Frequency Rtms Therapeutic Instrument

Output intensity : the weak stage is 6mT~10mT, the strong stage is 11mT~19mT;

Magnetic field frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Treatment Cap Type: Adult and child treatment cap

Treatment time: within the range of 0-30 minutes, ±1 minute each time

Function: vibration massage

Vibration intensity: 1~10 Range is adjustable

Treatment Frequency: adjustable in three gears, 2Hz, 5Hz and 10Hz

Environmental temperature range: 5℃~40℃

Rated input power: 150VA

Power:  AC 220V±22V

Applicable for: 

Parkinson's Disease,Depression, insomnia,Alzheimer's disease, Obsessive compulsive disorder,Tic disorder,Bipolar disorder, and etc disease for brain.

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